Art Guidelines

Art Guidelines for Screen Printing

art guidelines for screen printing t-shirt locations

T-shirt art locations for screen printing & embroidery

Vector art works best for screen printing. Vector art lets us resize your image and separate colors for printing without compromising quality and clarity. To use your artwork, it must meet the following specifications:

  • File types must be eps, ai or pdf (these are vector files)
  • All fonts must be converted to outlines

Please Note: Creating and/or scanning an image and then putting it into an eps, ai or pdf file doesn’t make it a usable vector file. If you don’t have true vector files, your artwork will need to be fully recreated. Don’t worry—we can do that for you, but there are additional charges for recreating artwork. Please contact the Art Department for more information on your specific design needs.

See our T-shirt art location guide to help you properly identify placement. Click image to enlarge.

Art Guidelines for Embroidery

For embroidery art we can accept jpeg’s saved at high resolution. All art has to be converted to digitized images. (Digitizing is what tells the embroidery machines how to stitch, what colors to use, in what order, etc.). Prices for converting art depend on the size of the art and the stitch count. Text can be no smaller than .25” in height on a lowercase letter.

We cannot accept:Art Guidelines for Screen Printing

  • Word files
  • Power Point
  • Faxes that contain artwork

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